Who We Are

VanderMale Builders is an exclusive business that has withstood the test of time, starting in 1974.

VanderMale Builders has an extensive knowledge in the area of availability, cost and potential of materials. They specialize in fine craftsmanship from start to finish in any project. “We allow our clients to IMAGINE anything they want for a house; the sky is truly the limit. Given the imagination it transfers in to the INNOVATION of new ideas, never copied – always original. Following the innovation our goal is to INSPIRE the homeowner with beautiful craftsmanship and a relationship that lasts a lifetime”. Their work is a broad spectrum building all sorts of homes such as Nantucket, Eastern Lake House, Modern homes, Contemporary homes, Farm houses, Barns and even remodels of any shape and size. VanderMale Builders truly does it all.

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3408 Busch Drive Suite B
Grandville, Michigan 49418

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