The same passion found in our new homes
is also found in our remodels.

Remodeling your home not only increases your investment value, but it can also greatly benefit your daily home life. As a home remodel contractor, we meet your needs by expanding your home or redesigning the floor plan, while keeping with your wants and needs at the core of our unique design.

Your home, uniquely crafted (again).

VanderMale Builders is an exclusive home remodel contractor, building and remodeling homes since 1974. 

We employ a unique combination of fine materials and excellent craftsmanship to make your remodeled home truly one of a kind. We’ll use your imagination to inspire the innovation of new ideas, which are never copied– always original.

Our work boasts a broad spectrum of home remodel styles, including Nantucket, Eastern Lake House, Modern homes, Contemporary homes, Farm houses, Barns and even remodels of any shape and size.

home remodel contractor

If you can imagine it,
we can build it.

How can we help?

Ideas from an expert
home remodel contractor:


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